Improve & Protect Your Landscape

Retaining Walls & Erosion Control

Has the rainy Missouri climate wreaked havoc on your sloped yard?

High Flow Drainage Solutions is ready to help you restore and maintain the integrity of your landscape for years to come. We construct personalized, long-lasting retaining walls and dry creek beds for residents throughout Ray County and the Kansas City metro area.

As a drainage and masonry contractor, we take an all-encompassing approach to protecting your yard from erosion and high water pressure in the soil. If you’d like to begin discussing your erosion control or retaining wall project, give us a call today.

Retaining Walls

Ready to replace that old, failing retaining wall? Tired of trying to tame that nearly unmanageable slope in your yard?

Sturdy and functional, our retaining walls not only create flat, usable space, prevent erosion, and channel away water but also can add a beautiful touch to your property’s landscape.

What are the signs you need a retaining wall?

Don’t wait to take action. If you experience the following problems in your yard, it may be time to build a retaining wall:

  • Difficulty or danger while mowing
  • Trouble establishing turf
  • Erosion

Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds provide a natural, elegant touch to your landscape, all while helping to prevent erosions to your property.

As both a landscape and drainage solution, your dry creek bed will be designed to last, requiring little maintenance year-round.

What is a dry creek bed?
A dry creek bed is an aesthetic gully or trench that redirects rainwater away from a house or yard. Lined with stones or edged with plants or flower beds, a dry creek bed can simultaneously serve as a drainage system and prevent erosion. It has the potential to improve the appearance of your landscape and even increase the value of your property.

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