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Don’t let water damage threaten the integrity of your property. When you’re in need of a top-of-the-line drainage system that delivers effective and affordable results, High Flow Drainage Solutions is the company you can trust.

Based in Ray County, MO, we serve residents throughout the Kansas City metro area and beyond, providing innovative drainage and erosion control solutions that protect your investment. If you’re in need of drainage repair or a new system installation, give us a call today!

French Drains

Soggy yard? Standing water? By installing a French drain, we can help you put an end to subsurface water issues once and for all.

Our French drains are wrapped stone, pipe, and all in a needle punched filter fabric. This gives you a long-lasting, highly effective drainage solution for your home and yard.

What is a French drain?

With so much misinformation and misconception spread across the web as to what a French drain is, it can be hard deciding what drainage solution is best for your situation.

A French drain is a sloped trench with a perforated pipe inside it, which carries water away. As water levels rise, gravity forces water through the perforated pipe.

Now let’s talk about what problems a French drain can solve. French drains are best at taking care of subsurface water issues, such as a squishy or muddy yard, slow draining, and overly saturated soil.

When building a French drain, the end goal is to create the easiest path for subsurface water/groundwater to travel away as quickly as possible by the force of gravity through the sloped trench. Meanwhile, we also want to create a circulating air void that speeds up the evaporation of moisture in the soil.

There are ways to build French drains that accomplish these goals ‒ and then there are ways to build them that work much slower or even fail completely within short order. We will talk about the most common mistakes in French drain construction next.

1. Using Standard Black Corrugated pipe

Readily available at big box stores, black corrugated pipe is usually very susceptible to crushing and cannot support large perforations due to being weak. Having such small perforations slows the flow of water and stifles airflow through a French drain system. It is best to stay away from this type of pipe.

Here at High Flow Drainage Solutions, we use Baughman Tile Company’s 4-inch diameter, 8-slot perforated corrugated pipe made from all virgin material, not recycled plastics. Baughman’s 8-slot perforated pipe has over 11.5 square inches of inlet area per linear foot, much more than the average perforated pipe.

2. Using a Single Pipe and Small or Dirty Drainage Stone

One of the main goals in creating a French drain system is creating as much void as possible to promote air circulation. Using only a single perforated pipe in the trench, as well as using a small drainage stone or stone dirt or fines, greatly reduces the amount of air void in a French drain system. We opt for at least two perforated pipes per trench and use 2-inch clean stone.

3. Not Placing the Perforated Pipe at the Bottom of the Trench

Many companies place drainage stone below the perforated pipe because gravel is easy to work with and helps to establish a slope. This is a mistake. Water will sit stagnant below the pipe. This attracts tree roots looking for water. Once tree roots find their way to the water, sitting right below the perforated pipe, they will find their way into the pipe causing clogging and even collapsing or breaking of the French drainpipe.

4. Not Wrapping System in Non-Woven Geotextile Filter Fabric

Probably the most common and detrimental mistake made in the French drain world is not wrapping the entire system, stone, pipe, and all in a needle punched, non-woven geotextile filter fabric. If a French drain system is not wrapped in proper filter fabric, the surrounding soil will begin to migrate into the drainage stone, taking away the French drain’s precious air voids. Eventually, the soil will reach the perforated pipe, clogging its perforations and even filling the entire pipe with sediments, causing premature failure.

Downspout Drains

Discreet, low-maintenance, and easily serviced, our underground downspout drains divert mass quantities of rainwater away from your home, protecting it year-round, even during the rainiest seasons.

Our installations are low-impact, meaning we take extra measures to leave your yard looking untouched.

Why is a downspout drainage system necessary?

If not managed properly, downspout water will cause expensive damages to a structure’s foundation. Did you know that just one downspout draining a 1,000 square foot roof area in a 1 inch rainfall event discharges approximately 625 gallons of water? That is a lot of water that shouldn’t fall next to your home! Avoid the unnecessary saturation of the soil around your foundation and get downspout water away with our underground downspout drains.

Sump Pump Lines

Don’t work against yourself by allowing sump water to soak its way back to your foundation. Let our team help you properly manage your sump pump system and better protect your property.

Why are sump pump drain lines important?
Getting sump pump discharge water away from your home is an important step in protecting its foundation from settling and cracking due to over oversaturation of the soil. Also, if sump pump water is being discharged beside your home, you are working against yourself by allowing this water to soak its way back to your foundation, only to be pumped out once again, causing unnecessary wear and premature failure of your sump pump.

Yard Drains

Are you experiencing large amounts of surface water in your yard?

Before puddles and pools of water damage your lawn and turn it into a breeding ground for mosquitoes, our team can design and build an effective yard drain.

How does a yard drain work?
A yard drain consists of a solid discharge line and catch basins with surface grates that drain surface water rapidly away from the lowest points of your yard.

When building yard drains, we opt for the durable and well-designed PolyLok 12 and 20-inch round catch basins. If necessary, we may supplement your yard drainage system with a French drain system for longer-lasting and effective results.

Grading and Resloping

Changing the soil grades around your home or in your yard, though more invasive then some of our other services, is sometimes the simplest and most effective solution to helping or even solving a drainage problem.

Having positive grades around your home is a crucial step in protecting it from water damage.

Outdoor Sump Pump Basins

No slope to empty your drainage system to? No problem! We know how to handle your home and yard drainage problems no matter the situation.

Outdoor sump pump basins allow you to lift water uphill and discharge it where it can safely flow away. We custom size and design each of our outdoor sump pump pump basins to meet the specific needs of each drainage system install we do for our clients

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